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Meaning of the name

Savva translated from Hebrew means "archer".


In childhood, Savva is a healthy, strong, cheerful, good-natured child who does not cause much trouble for parents. Savva is a wonderful friend, an attentive companion. Savva has a huge heart, there is a place for everyone.

Savva is a whole person. He is honest and clean. Savva loves to read classic, deep literature.

Savva is an intellectual. Savva is principled, sometimes to his own detriment. He lacks flexibility in dealing with people. Sawa is burdened by a noisy society. He prefers solitude. Even at a noisy party, Savva manages to hide from everyone, and listen to music, or read.

Savva has a rich inner world. Savva loves to study and improve himself. He can work as a doctor, actor, architect, translator. Savva lives in harmony with himself and with the world around him.


Savva does not differ in bright appearance, but his charisma attracts women. Savva loves smart, mature women, wise and witty.

Savva is monogamous. He is not a particularly sophisticated lover, however, very gentle and considerate. Women find with him not just sex and communication, but also a whole ocean of tenderness and warmth.

Savva is faithful to his wife in marriage. He is not particularly sexy, sometimes instead of sex, he just likes to talk, or, hugging his beloved, watch a movie.

Savva does not need to assert himself with the help of sex, like many men, he has other values ​​- spiritual. For Savva, the main thing is love, honesty, devotion, culture.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Pisces, Virgo.


The sound of the name Savva gives the impression of something warm, soft, quiet.

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