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Meaning of the name

Severina translated from Latin means "strict".


In childhood, Severin shows a typically choleric temperament - she is quick-tempered, but quick-tempered, prone to deep empathy and sacrifice. Parents make a lot of effort to teach the baby to control herself. Most often, these efforts are successful.

At school, Severin is a good student, is respected among classmates, and most often takes the position of a leader in the class.

An adult Severina knows how to control herself, has a strong will, a synthetic type of thinking and a fairly developed intuition. She overcomes all obstacles on the way to the set goal easily, moving forward slowly but surely.

She is unlikely to do a job that she does not like. It is difficult for Severina to choose a profession that could completely captivate her, but the sphere of her professional activity is diverse. Can achieve success in medicine, catering, service and consumer services, control service.

This woman's health is not very good, her weak spots are the kidneys, respiratory and autonomic nervous systems.


A beautiful, bright and sociable woman always has many admirers - and Severina is just that. She knows how to perfectly control herself in any situation, feels "at home" in the most sophisticated society, is able to maintain small talk, and will perfectly show herself at a friendly party.

She is very sensual, excitable, but her sexuality is completely controlled by her reason. This state of affairs allows her to make fewer mistakes in her youth - without succumbing to the outbreak of passion, she is able to soberly assess the fan and decide whether to continue further relations with him.

In bed, Severin cannot relax for a long time, at first the intimacy gives her little pleasure. Only after some time, having got used to the partner, convinced of the truth of his tender feelings towards her, Severina gives herself free rein. In this case, she can surprise even a very experienced partner with her temperament.

In sex, she prefers equality, she can agree in advance with a man about a scenario of a love game, from which she will not retreat a single step.

Having got married, she usually occupies a leading position in the family, manifests herself as a loving and faithful wife, an economical housewife, and a caring mother. He cooks great. Rarely gets along with her mother-in-law.


Navy blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Pisces.


The sound of the name Severin gives the impression of something feminine, cowardly, small, gentle, light.

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