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Meaning of the name

Tsvetana translated from Bulgarian means "blooming".


Little Tsvetana is very restless (especially born in winter) and capricious, does not tolerate loneliness, goes to everyone's hands, is not afraid of anything. Loves to communicate with parents.

She catches a cold easily, often suffers from diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract. Tsvetana is very curious, loves everything beautiful. Shows innate abilities for drawing and music, mobile and plastic, loves circus, puppet theater.

At school he prefers the society of girls, kind and responsive, always responds to a call for help. He is respected by his classmates. Tsvetana, born in summer, is an overly shy quiet and homebody, born in winter - more sociable and determined.

The character of an adult Tsvetana largely depends on when she was born. "Winter" and "autumn" are kind and responsive, stubborn and persistent in achieving the goal. She has many girlfriends and friends, she easily converges with people, hardly tolerates disappointments.

Selfless, reliable in friendly relations. She is not touchy at all, easily forgives her friends for their shortcomings, is not forgiving. She has a well-developed intuition, excellent memory. She is proud and independent, does not like to borrow anything, does not bother loved ones with her requests.

Born in the spring, Tsvetana is romantic, thoughtful, loves art, knows it well. He attaches little importance to communication with people. Feels great alone, among his favorite books, things dear to his heart, his hobbies.

Tsvetana, born in summer, is too calm, indecisive and fearful, does not like to make decisions on her own, therefore she always seeks support from her parents, makes friends with more lively girls. In work, he can only be a performer, he cannot do without clear and detailed instructions from the boss.


Tsvetana is sweet and charming, boys start to like it early, growing up, has many fans. If she likes someone, she can take the initiative herself and get to know a man. But this concerns only the "winter" and "autumn" Tsvetan - born in the summer is not capable of such an eccentric, in her opinion, act.

In intimate relationships, Tsvetana is quite temperamental. The sexiest woman born in winter. She has many fans and it is difficult for her to choose one of them. She does not want to offend others with refusal, so her love needs to be won.

In bed, she is very active, feels a partner well, knows how to deliver unforgettable erotic sensations even to the most sophisticated men in love games, and she herself gets pleasure from intimacy.

Tsvetana, born in summer, is more moderate in her sexual fantasies and demands. But she loves to talk about sex, she can ask her friends, consult with them.

Tsvetana gets married, as a rule, successfully, and she rarely gets a divorce. She knows how to create coziness in the house, has excellent culinary skills and an extraordinary sense of humor, is hospitable and generous.

Tsvetana often loves to rearrange furniture. Especially if she is in a bad mood, she must definitely make a rearrangement in the house. It is useless to argue with her about this.



A rock

Amethyst, chrysolite, opal, aquamarine, alexandrite.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Pisces.


The sound of Tsvetan's name gives the impression of something small, low, sad, quiet, rough, weak, fast, short, angular.

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