The most unusual pets

The most unusual pets

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The domestication of wild animals by humans began several million years ago. We will tell below about the most unusual animals that humans are trying to tame today.

Wolves. Wolves are close relatives of regular dogs. It seems that making these animals your friends is pretty easy. However, the animal still remains wild and unpredictable. An example of this is the story of 50-year-old Sandra Piovsan. A pack of wolves has lived in her house since birth. Although relatives warned that such a neighborhood was dangerous, the woman did not pay attention to it. According to her, wolves give their love and devotion much better than dogs. However, the education of predators at home ended tragically - Sandra's body was found in a cage with wolves, with numerous soft tissue injuries. Favorite pets gnawed at their owner.

Foxes. In nature, foxes are cautious and shy, they avoid humans. However, if these animals are raised from birth, then they can become excellent pets. A 10-day-old fox was brought to one of Dichilling's pet stores in England. The foolish little guy immediately liked the owner of the establishment, Stephen Edinkton. He decided to raise a ginger animal, and then let him go into the forest. A wild but sweet and helpless creature has become part of Stephen's family. They fell in love with the fox and gave the nickname Miss Snooks. When the time came to part with the pet, the animal came back a couple of hours later. The Edinckons made several attempts to introduce the fox to the natural environment, but the devoted creature constantly returned to people. At the same time, Miss Snook huddled in a corner, making it clear in every possible way that she was offended by the owners. According to the Edinktons, the chanterelle resembles a cat in its habits - the animal sleeps on a soft blanket, loves to scratch behind its ears and sharpen its claws. And there is chanterelle chicken, cat food and, for some reason, coffee beans.

Crocodiles. For some, these creatures are soulless killers, while others see them as pets. For example, Vicki Loving from Melbourne brings up Johnny, an African crocodile at home. The woman says that the reptile crawled to the threshold of her house in 1996, which scared a lot. She tried to drive off the crocodile, but he did not want to leave. As a result, the animal remained at home, having lived there for 15 years. Vicki says that this is an affectionate pet who constantly asks for his arms. True, the hostess was forced to start filing the crocodile's teeth, since in the heat of the game he had already broken her hand several times. Johnny loves fried chicken wings, bacon and frozen rats. The hostess has to be constantly on guard, because if you step on the pets, then he will immediately attack in response. Therefore, the light is constantly on in the house. Vicki was not afraid to leave the toothy creature alone with her little son, today Andrew is already 16. Lizards, a turtle, a horse and a couple of crocodiles also live in the house.

Tigers. Big cats, like their small relatives, have long been perceived by people, and as pets. However, the owners should know that they are still dealing with strong and dangerous animals. Even an operation to remove claws is almost impossible to do, because damage to the skin of the fingertips can lead to the fact that tigers begin to walk incorrectly. And the result of this will eventually be paralysis, because the correct gait is necessary for a heavy animal for normal development. However, there are those who do not see the danger in such felines. For example, 66-year-old Norman Bouwald has actively fought for the rights of people to keep tigers in their homes as pets. At the man's house, the 300-kilogram animal was stung. Once, while cleaning his cage, he took and bit his master to death. As a result, both the naive Bouvald himself and his pet, who became guilty of murdering a man, suffered.

Lions. Lions are not considered as pets as often as tigers. However, there are such daredevils who keep the king of beasts in the house. One of them is the Czech Yaroslav Kann. The owner of a small pump company owns Leo the lion and even goes for a walk with his pet, leading him on a rope. I must say that domestic lions look so kind and flexible only in photographs. Not so long ago, one tame animal attacked its owner without warning and killed him when he was just cleaning the cage. The wife of the deceased discovered traces of the tragedy and immediately called the police. As a result, the sheriff had to shoot the "home" lion.

Skunks. There are few in the world who adore skunks so much that they are even ready to keep them at home. 51-year-old Deborah Kaprine is a professional breeder of furry, but smelly animals. True, at the sight of her with pets on walks, people begin to scream and run away. But these are very clean creatures who use their protection in exceptional cases. Every morning, the hostess gets up at 6 in the morning to feed all her favorites before work. In total, sometimes up to 80 skunks live in her house. Their maintenance costs $ 700 each month. The animals love vegetables, fruits, chicken, dog food, cheeses, oatmeal. The breeder considers the issues of proper feeding to be important, since in the case of an incorrect approach, the animal will begin to lose bone mass and die.

Anteaters. These unusual animals are becoming more and more fashionable in America. Oregon resident American Angelina Goodwin got herself two anteaters at once, I will give them the nicknames Stevie and Paul. The woman says that her pets are very smart. If they feel hungry, they just run to the refrigerator, open the door and eat human food. The animals respond to their names, love to play with each other or with rubber mice. Although in nature anteaters only eat insects, Goodwin says that at her house animals eat everything, right down to leaky socks. The animals also liked the cake made from minced meat, yogurt, ketchup and cheese specially in honor of Paul's first birthday.

The Bears. These forest animals also found their place next to humans. In the old days, the cubs were even specially taken away from their mother in order to tame and force them to do things unusual for an animal. And all for the pleasure of people! Today, the bears go home in accidents. Naturalist Casey Anderson worked for a rare animal rescue organization. On one of his hikes, he came across a small 10-kilogram grizzly bear, who was spinning around a mother who was shot by poachers. The kid would have died, but the naturalist took him home and named him Brutus. 8 years have passed since then, Brutus has grown into a 380-kilogram monster that loves to splash in the pool, devour potatoes and play with his savior. The bear even has its own place at the table, as Casey's best friend he was a witness at his wedding.

Bison. Bison can usually live in a person's house, occupying a paddock or a separate barn. However, Canada has the Southner family, which has one of the largest animals in the world at home. Bailey Jr., 2, weighs 725 kilograms and lives with a married couple. Of course, it was not without its problems. For example, it turned out to be impossible to train a pet to the toilet, therefore, "surprises" sometimes end up right on the owners' bed. The whopper runs around the house, loves to suck the hand of its owner. Bailey is a lazy beast who loves to eat well. In the house, the bison did not waste time studying the corridors, but simply broke the passage from his room to the kitchen. Wanting to take a walk, the animal simply goes to its goal, not noticing the doors. It's good that the Southners, tired of the repairs, made a door that opens outward. The owners adore their pet, but he will grow and gain weight for a couple of years.

Hippos. Of all the unusual pets, the hippo is the best. This is a very dangerous creature, according to statistics, it is the hippos that kill more people in Africa than anyone else. In the city of Hodspruit, in South America, a huge mammal weighing more than 2.5 tons has been living in the same family for 10 years. It all started when Tony and Shirley Gibbert rescued a newborn hippo during a flood in May 2000. Kind people understood that the baby would die without their participation, so they decided to leave her and set her free. The hippo was named Jessica, the girl quickly learned to respond to her name, flying into the room and spinning around the savior. The pet grew quickly, they decided to build a barn for him. However, Jessica did not want to leave the house, deciding to sleep on her parents' bed. In addition, the hippopotamus loved to watch TV and eat from the dining table. The Gibberts tried to close the doors, but this did not become an obstacle for the two-ton beast. Once, Jessica wanted so much to greet the owner on his way home from work that she even demolished the wall. When the hippopotamus was 5 years old, he was nevertheless evicted on the porch, now a pit bull terrier friend is sleeping on the mattress next to him. When Jessica was 11 years old, she nevertheless joined the herd of hippos, starting an independent life. Nevertheless, the animal returns to its favorite rookery almost every evening. Jessica enjoys the massage of the hostess and falls asleep sweetly.

Coyotes. Experts say that these animals are among the most unpredictable. After all, they can attack a person even in a dream. However, the 32-year-old writer and photographer Shreve Stockton disagrees with this opinion, she has been raising the coyote Charlie's house for more than two years. Such an unusual pet was given to her by her boyfriend Mike, who worked as a hunter. The man had to shoot wild animals that got too close to human dwellings. One day a hunter found a small newborn coyote in a hole. Mike decided not to drown the baby, but gave it to his beloved. At first Shreve decided that this was an ordinary puppy, and the gentleman did not dare to dissuade her. When the woman took the pet to the veterinarian, the one "delighted" her, saying that she was raising a dangerous animal, a coyote. On the offer to put him to sleep, Stockton refused. As experts predicted, the coyote eventually ate all the pets. However, only the cat that fed Charlie survived. The woman herself is afraid that a predator will attack her in a dream, so she made a fenced enclosure for the pet and ran electricity there.

Sheeps. Few dare to let sheep into the house, because they give off an unpleasant smell. But Australian Kate Shelton has 27 such pets in her house at once, she herself regularly cleans up and we don't feel any problems with smells. True, friends and relatives for some reason do not like to visit such a "farm". Once a young man came to see Kate, he frowned for a long time and asked about the source of the stench. When he approached the door, he preferred to urgently retreat. And Kate found her first lamb right next to the house. She picked up the wounded and hungry baby, unable to leave him on the street. A year later, she bought 10 more lambs, and that's how it all began. Miss Shelton says that her pets are very clean - sheep gnaw fleas from each other, pee in trays, even if they do not always get. Also, animals love to swim right in the bathroom. And with the onset of spring, sheep are allowed to go outside, although most of them prefer to lie in front of the TV.

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