The most unusual prisons

The most unusual prisons

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Corrections, or prisons, are designed to re-educate criminals by isolating them from society. Let's talk about the ten most famous of them.

San Pedro (Bolivia). This largest Bolivian prison is located in the capital of the country, Le Pas. This correctional institution is the largest in the country, it contains about one and a half thousand prisoners. Having overcome various cordons on the way inside, a person finds himself in an absolutely unusual world. Children play here on the street, bars and shops are open, there is a hairdresser and even a hotel. It may seem that inside the prison there is a small town with its own life, rather than the usual prison in our understanding. There are no guards here, and the windows are devoid of the usual bars. This relative freedom is easily explained - the prisoners here are forced to pay for their own maintenance. So they have to work on this territory as sellers, cleaners, builders and hairdressers. If the prisoner already has a decent amount, then he can afford almost everything and live quite luxuriously according to local standards. Such a prisoner may have a bathroom, cable TV and a kitchen. You can buy an elite-class camera for $ 1000-1500, which is a huge amount for most locals. That is why they live in much more modest apartments. Mainly petty criminals are kept here, while dangerous criminals are sent to ordinary and very harsh prisons.

Cebu (Philippines). This prison provides a unique entertainment experience that overshadows many TV shows. Only here all prisoners - drug dealers, rapists and murderers - dance simultaneously to popular music. Video recordings of such performances began to be posted on the Internet, where these materials are very popular. So, Thriller took fifth place in Time magazine's top ten Viral Videos. The prison authorities believe that dancing is a way of re-education. If in other prisons free time is devoted to playing basketball, lifting weights and occasional skirmishes, then in this prison the motives of "The Shawshank Redemption" became an example. It is also important that prisoners receive money for participating in such mass events, and some of them may become famous with the help of the Internet - images of prisoners-dancers end up on T-shirts and mugs.

Justizzentrum Leoben (Austria). Outwardly, the prison resembles not a harsh correctional institution, but a modern office center. After all, the building sparkles with glass and steel. However, this is not an office, but an Austrian prison. An interesting fact is that in this country the number of crimes in all respects is less than in the United States (rape, murder, armed robbery). The exception is burglary. Local wits joke that the reason is that the conditions of detention in Austrian prisons are so comfortable that any Austrian dreams of getting there. The official opening took place in 2005, and the architect Josef Hohensinn even received a special prize for his creation. Such a prison caused a lot of plainly and public discontent, especially since it had special rooms for intimate meetings between prisoners and visitors. The building contains a total of 200 prisoners for up to one and a half years.

Crosses (Russia). This prison is the complete opposite of the previous one. "Russian Prison" is becoming a frightening brand. The crosses "became famous" for their by no means European conditions of imprisonment. With a planned capacity of 3,000 places, about 10,000 people are serving prison here. Although the figures are approximate, the contrast with civilized prisons is noticeable. Each prisoner has no more than 4 square meters of floor space and 15 minutes of shower per week. Often, due to overcrowding in the cells, you have to take turns sleeping here. The prison was built in St. Petersburg at the end of the 19th century, it included two five-story buildings that created the shape of a cross. From the very beginning, this place attracted political prisoners; Trotsky and Kamenev, Rokossovsky and Zhzhenov, Gumilev and Zabolotsky stayed here. It is from here that the famous "sharashki" came from. In 2006, the authorities announced plans to move the prison outside the city. The building itself, along with the adjacent land, is to be sold at auction, presumably a hotel and entertainment complex will appear here. The new insulator is also planned to be built in the shape of a cross.

Sark (Sark Island). This prison occupies part of the island of the same name in the English Channel. This land belongs to Great Britain, and the correctional institution was built here back in 1856. This is the smallest prison in the world - only two prisoners can fit here. Usually they are imprisoned here for petty crimes, and the term of imprisonment is one night. However, there is a camera for malicious violators - there is a waiting for transfer to another place.

Aranjuez (Spain). The Spaniards, who respect family values, decided to introduce them into correctional facilities. This prison is the only one in the world that provides family cells, which can accommodate families with children. The interior has been recreated appropriately - wallpaper with Disney characters, children's corners and rooms. Do not think that children are not kept here. It's just that the government allows the children of criminals not to give the opportunity to feel abandoned and to spend some time with their parent during the sentence. Another goal is also noble - with the help of children, young prisoners are taught the basics of raising children, as one of the methods of rehabilitation. The prison itself is located at a distance of 40 km from the capital of the country, there are 36 family cells, of which 16 are occupied by Hispanics. Such wards in a separate block among prisoners are usually called "five-star".

Bastoey Island (Norway). Experience has shown that detention prevents most prisoners from reforming. Nevertheless, with such a measure, the state still tries to bring at least some benefit to others. Not all prisons succeed, but the colony on the Norwegian island of Bastoey is a good example. In order to obtain solar energy, solar panels are used here, prisoners grow their own food right on the island, all waste is recycled for reuse. These measures instill in prisoners a sense of responsibility for the nature around them, and at the same time a responsible attitude towards other people. The island is usually called "The Island of Hope", and this term is supported by the prisoners themselves. Here they spend a lot of time outdoors, they can play tennis. During warmer months, you can swim and ride horses. Maybe this is the approach that is correct in the reeducation of criminals?

Oslo City Prison (Norway). In another Norwegian prison, the head of culture and sports is a real sports star - Espen Johnsen, a participant in the Olympic Games in gymnastics. He says that it is difficult for gymnasts to earn money in the country, so they have to work in prison. The inmates receive gymnastics lessons as well as yoga. A professional athlete makes sure that the prisoners in the classroom, moreover, do not overdo it with weight lifting.

Cereso Chetumal (Mexico). Sports are also loved here - on the territory of the prison there is a real boxing ring. In the event of a disagreement between prisoners, the authorities only welcome a civilized way of resolving it. Boxing gloves are issued to the prisoners and an official duel is organized. Usually a couple of rounds are enough to resolve the conflict. Although the prison holds 1,100 inmates, conditions are good. People are even reluctant to leave these places at the end of the term of imprisonment. After all, the institution is famous for its good menu and cultural program. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that not a single case of violence has been registered here over the past 10 years. The prisoners here can do drawing and handicrafts, selling their handicrafts to tourists.

Israel also decided to innovate in the prison business. In this country, to get into a decent prison, you have to pass an exam! The place of future imprisonment is determined by a special commission, which takes into account both the capabilities of the state and the wishes of the criminal himself. The chairman of the committee is a psychiatrist, who has a casting vote. A future prisoner should carefully prepare for the prison exam, because the conditions of imprisonment directly depend on this.

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