The youngest professionals

The youngest professionals

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Usually a person finishes school, and then college, to get a profession. It takes more and more time to become a real professional.

Meanwhile, there have been many young people in history who have achieved notable success in their work at a fairly early age. These young professionals, most famous in the world, have managed to achieve success in completely diverse fields.

Harp Karim Randhava, born in 1995. At the age of 10, the girl became a certified Microsoft application developer, having passed the relevant exams. A young Pakistani woman first got her computer when she was only five years old. Her father decided on such a purchase, unable to resist the persuasions of his daughter. Soon, the smart Harp mastered the computer so well that she became a student of one of the best institutes of applied technologies in the country. The girl received a Microsoft Certified Application Developer certificate and plans to soon confirm her capabilities with a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certificate. Randhava hopes that in the future she will be able to study at Harvard or pursue a career as a programmer at Microsoft. The fame of the young programmer went all over the world, soon after she received a certificate, the girl together with her father visited the USA, where she met with the head of the software giant Bill Gates. Harp did not hesitate to the famous interlocutor and asked him a couple of uncomfortable questions: "Why are there so few women working in his company and why does Microsoft not hire children?" Gates replied that women generally have little interest in technology, and children are better off studying and then working. However, the company has a special program for young professionals. Gates invited Arfa to take part in it as soon as she entered high school.

Suhas Gopinath, born in 1986. At the age of 14, the boy decided to go into business. Without thinking twice, he just took, and founded his own company. Today his Globals Inc. is already a transnational IT company, and Gopinat himself is the chairman of the board of directors there. His brainchild provides services in web design, creation of Internet applications and programs for educational institutions, and provides IT and outsourcing services. The company has a turnover of more than $ 100 million annually, and employs about 400 people around the world. Suhas is of Indian origin. He is the youngest chairman of the board of directors of a large international company in the world.

Victor M. de Leon III, born 1998. It is difficult for children to become professional athletes, except for gymnastics. But in the virtual world, they may well compete with adults. Already at the age of two, Victor fell in love with computer games. He was very active in fighting monsters alongside his father. Already at the age of 4, the boy took part in competitions of professional gamers, and a year later he became a full-fledged member of the Major League Games league of professional cybersportsmen. Impressed by Victor's skill, the managers quickly signed a contract with him. As a result, from the age of seven, the boy has been performing in cyber arenas, becoming the youngest virtual athlete.

Marla Olmstead was born in 1999. All children love to draw, but some also start doing it quite professionally, earning money. When Marla was a year old, her father, like many other parents, gave her paper and paint brushes. Imagine his surprise when it turned out that the pictures of his child were not inferior to the creations of the students of the art school. Marla herself drew quite confidently, knowing what she was doing. From that time on, the miracle child began to create paintings in an abstract style, which in style resemble Pollock or Kandinsky. When Marla was only 2 years old, her first painting was sold. Then it cost only $ 250, but today the canvases of the young artist are much more expensive.

Ruth Lawrence, born 1972. It is not always the one who graduated from school that teaches other people. This is exactly what happened to this Englishwoman. She herself, unlike her peers, studied at home. Especially for her, a special technique was invented by her father, Harry Lawrence. When the girl was thirteen years old, she had already graduated from Oxford, becoming its youngest graduate. Moreover, she completed the entire course not in 5 years, as usual, but in just two. After graduating from university, Ruth began teaching. At first, Harvard became her place of work, and then the University of Michigan.

Gregory Robert Smith was born in 1989. This young man was born in Pennsylvania. Smith was always considered a child prodigy - already at the age of 14 months the boy was solving mathematical problems, and at the age of 5 he explained to his peers the mechanisms of photosynthesis. At the age of 10, he graduated from high school, and at 14 - Randolph-Macon College in Ashland. At the age of 9, Smith organized his own international organization for the protection of the rights of adolescents, he met with presidents and prime ministers, spoke at the UN. The prodigy has even been nominated for the Nobel Prize several times.

Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, born 1990. This young man became the youngest grandmaster in history. The boy learned the basics of chess at the age of three. And he received the status of a grandmaster at the age of 14, his talents were recognized by the International Chess Federation FIDE.

Ethan Ong, born in 1999. Ethan's parents were not afraid to give their son drums. But he was only two years old. Soon the boy began to play them so well that even professional musicians were surprised. The display of talent was strange, because no one taught the child to play the drums. In addition, he was able to create very complex rhythms on a regular toy instrument. When Ong was 4 years old, in a mall, he suddenly saw a real drum kit in a music store. The boy then began to play it. His talents were appreciated by the managers of a local record company. As a result, at the age of 7, Ethan was already taking part in a big concert. All proceeds from him went to the Children's Charity Fund.

Abigal Sin was born in 1992. This Singaporean girl first started playing the piano at the age of 4. Her talents and hard work allowed her to win seven major music competitions of performers at a young age. But Abigal realized that she had opportunities not only for music - she was good at languages ​​and higher mathematics. However, she turned down all offers to participate in programs for talented teens. After all, the girl spends all her free time at her favorite musical instrument, honing her skills and preparing for new achievements.

Zhuo Timothy Yano, born 1990. This young man is a true versatile genius. He was born in the American city of Portland. When he was three years old, he showed brilliant piano skills. At nine years old, Zhuo is a student at Loyle University. It took him only 3 years to finish it. Zhuo's IQ exceeds the genius norm, reaching 200 points. He himself is rather skeptical of his genius, believing that this is not the most important thing. After all, you also need to be able to take advantage of the granted opportunities. At 18, Zhuo received his doctorate in molecular genetics and cell biology.

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