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Meaning of the name

Zinovy ​​in translation from ancient Greek means "living divinely".


The consonance of the names Zinaida and Zinovy ​​and the similarity of their diminutive forms did their job, so it is not surprising if from childhood Zinovy ​​will have to protect himself from ridicule more than once and prove his courage.

Usually this leads to an increase in painful pride, and in some cases even to the development of a pronounced inferiority complex - it all depends on how successfully Zinovy ​​overcomes the dangers of childhood and adolescence, as well as on upbringing.

In general, the energy of this name is characterized by sufficient activity and cheerfulness, if only the matter were not complicated by increased vulnerability and susceptibility.

It happens that heightened pride with age puts Zinovy ​​on the path of painful self-assertion, which is reflected in career aspirations, in which ambition prevails over purely material issues, or else pushes him to some kind of social activity, most often protesting and not so important against what exactly.

They are very motivated and conscientious people and never promise what they cannot do. They are very devoted to their parents, they always take care of them. They choose the profession of artist, doctor, engineer, architect, cutter. Good family men, inferior to their wives in everything, almost never quarrel. Boys are born who are more attached to their father than to their mother. They are fond of painting.

The fate of Zinovy ​​is much more successful if he managed to overcome questions of pride and relationships with others with the help of calm and good-natured humor.

In the end, you never know who's name, even if your name is Crocodile, this does not mean that you will bite and, like this beast, cry during your meal. In this case, Zinovy ​​usually manages to overcome the dangerous moments of the energy of his name, if not completely, then still to a large extent.

Moreover, cheerfulness and activity can serve him excellently both in terms of family life and in terms of satisfying healthy ambition, and the ability to compassion and balanced gentleness will ensure excellent relations with Zenovy. In this situation, the only thing left for him to wish is a little more faith in himself and in his right to be who you are.

Regardless of whether you have met the balanced and witty Zinovy, or in front of you is a man tormented by all kinds of complexes, still try not to hurt his pride, even in jest.

In the first case, you run the risk of running into a reciprocal and not always harmless severity, in the second, you will even make yourself a rather active enemy. But, having started a confidential, sincere conversation with him, you can get a wonderful and benevolent interlocutor.

They are stubborn, like to argue about any reason, their colleagues have a hard time. Suspicious and vulnerable, take everything to heart. They are slow in work, but neat and precise, do not tolerate being rushed. In the morning they like to lie in bed. Their hobby is chess. They like to start different games with children, which they themselves come up with. Some get married late because of their indecision and insecurity.


He shows excessive persistence in sexual relations, rushes things, takes a rebellious woman with an attack. Zinovy ​​is capable of prolonged love preludes, prolonged sexual intercourse. Takes care of the woman's satisfaction.

Zinovy ​​is unpredictable, his partner can keep in touch with him for a long time, but never really recognize him. He loves to amaze his girlfriend with novelty, to present surprises.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Zinovy ​​gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, majestic, bright, joyful.

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