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There are more than 4500 species of these insects on the planet. A number of cockroaches chose a human dwelling for their habitation, tying their way of life to ours.

Despite the general dislike for these insects, it is not possible to get rid of them in any way. It is worth learning more about such familiar, but also such mysterious ancient creatures.

Cockroaches are able to survive a nuclear winter, after which they will become the kings of nature. The famous American program "Mythbusters" had an interesting experience. Radioactive cobalt-60 was used to irradiate red cockroaches, better known as Prussians, meal beetles and fruit flies. It turned out that the latter could tolerate higher doses of radiation than cockroaches. And beetles have adapted best of all to radiation. Scientists have found that cockroaches can withstand radiation that is 15 times the lethal level of a person. So if these insects will undoubtedly survive the nuclear winter, then they will meet serious rivals on the way to conquering the world.

Cockroaches can survive underwater. And again, this statement undertook to check "Mythbusters". Five cockroaches were placed in a container of water for 20 minutes. After that, the insects showed no signs of life, it seemed that they had died. However, within a day the cockroaches "came to life", so this statement turned out to be true.

A cockroach can live without a head. Everyone can check this myth. For those who care about the result itself, but are engaged in catching the poor cockroach and torturing him, we will inform you right away that this is true. For a while, these insects can really do without a head. The fact is that insects do not have such a circulatory system as warm-blooded animals. As a result, cutting off the head will not be accompanied by blood loss and will not end in quick death. And the respiratory organs of cockroaches are represented by spiracles, dispersed throughout the body. Without food, this insect can live up to 45 days. So, having lost its head, the cockroach will lose the organs of sight and whiskers with which it senses. Death will come from hunger, about a month later. The poor creature will simply have nowhere to eat.

Cockroaches are peaceful creatures that don't feed on other creatures. By nature, these insects are truly non-aggressive. They'd rather run away than accept the fight. Cockroaches subconsciously strive for safety, there is no need to talk about attacks on other creatures. However, it is worth remembering that these insects are omnivores. That is why a long absence of ordinary food can push them to attack living beings. Only they should be in a state of rest, for example, sleep, and visually not appear dangerous.

Cockroaches can fly. Since cockroaches are insects, all species have wings. They make cockroaches look like seeds, which allows them to be attributed to this class of creatures. But not all cockroaches can fly. Only some species living in the wild have such a gift. And the overwhelming majority of species, including red and black cockroaches, do not know how to fly under normal conditions. But during the breeding season, they can rise into the air. The light source also makes them spread their wings.

There are white cockroaches and albino cockroaches. Some species can indeed boast of white. However, it has been scientifically proven that albino cockroaches do not exist in nature. These creatures can change their color literally for several hours during molting. Then the old shell is discarded, and the new one has not yet received normal properties. Also, cockroaches can become white due to the effects of certain types of poisons, in particular those used for household insect extermination. If unusual white cockroaches appear in the apartment, it means that the victory of a person is already close.

Cockroaches do not pose a danger to humans at all. It turns out that the unpleasant appearance is not the worst thing about these creatures. They are quite dangerous for humans. In particular, the smell that is released from the glands of such insects is unpleasant, some asthmatics react to it. And fumes from cockroaches can cause allergies. Most importantly, cockroaches are bacteria carriers. That is why you cannot leave food on the table overnight. After all, it will become not only a source of food for cockroaches, but they will also infect it. If these insects do not have enough food, then they will feed on plants, paper and even skin. That is why the abundance of cockroaches in the house will be harmful not only for a person, but also for his environment.

Cockroaches cause asthma. About 50 years ago, it became known about the existence of a direct link between cockroaches and allergic diseases. This is especially evident in the case of asthma. Each city high-rise building is home to from one to three hundred thousand different insects. Most of them are cockroaches. Scientists believe that most allergies occur in homes, as people, especially children, spend most of their time there. There are periodic allergies that are associated with the seasons, and there are year-round allergies that can be caused by cockroaches.

Cockroaches feed on the remains of human food. As already mentioned, these insects are omnivores. Best of all, they eat what is left of a person's food - crumbs, leftovers. In addition, cockroaches love sweets. If it's hard with such food, then they try to find food among the garbage. Cockroaches do not disdain rotting products and other waste. If there is no food debris in the garbage, then insects can feed on plants, paper and skin.

Cockroaches reproduce by laying eggs. The reproductive tract is used for breeding cockroaches. Sometimes female cockroaches are capable of pathogenesis; a normal individual can grow from their unfertilized eggs. Usually a male is born as a result. This is how the sex ratio of cockroaches is regulated. When the female is fertilized, she bears an ooteca. Eggs are stored in this capsule. When the time comes, the female cockroach lays its eggs in a secluded place inaccessible to other insects. However, not all cockroaches breed like this. There are also viviparous species, for example, the Madagascar cockroaches.

Cockroaches cannot bite. And again, remember the omnivorousness of insects. These creatures can eat any food of animal origin. When a person is asleep and practically immobilized, then cockroaches may even try to bite people.

Cockroaches feed on bedbugs. This is a fairly common misconception that is not true. The fact is that there is no natural competition for food between these creatures. Cockroaches are omnivores, and bugs are blood-sucking. The first can attack the second only in an exceptional situation when there is no other food.

Cockroaches don't make sounds. There are also hissing cockroaches. One species is called the Madagascar hissing. When moving, these insects emit a loud hiss. Thus, the cockroaches clear their way, warning everyone that it is better to get out of the way. This feature was even noticed by filmmakers and now you can even hear cockroaches in some films.

On the back, cockroaches die. It really is. If a cockroach falls on its back out of the blue, for example, on the surface of a table, then it cannot turn over itself. All he can do is twitch. As a result, the cockroach will die. If leaves, branches or pebbles appear on the surface, then the insect may well be able to catch on to them and be able to roll over. That is why substances are added to pesticides that paralyze the muscles of insects.

Cockroaches affect nature globally. It turns out that these creatures make a weighty contribution to global warming. Cockroaches release gases every 15 minutes. And even after dying, they continue to do so for about 18 hours. In total, all the gases released by insects on the planet account for about a fifth of methane emissions. Cockroach gases occupy an important place in these 20 percent. So cockroaches have a definite effect on nature and on warming. Cows and termites can also boast of this.

Cockroaches are eaten. In some countries, they feed on cockroaches, including for medicinal purposes, black cockroaches are especially appreciated in this regard. It turns out that these insects contain three times more protein than chickens. In Chinese cuisine, candied cockroaches are a fairly popular dish.

You can destroy cockroaches on your own. Many people believe that annoying insects can be defeated without calling specialists. However, making homemade baits, purchasing popular means not only does not lead to the final destruction of cockroaches, but only makes the situation worse. After all, pests are gradually getting used to the drugs, it is possible only to slightly reduce the number of insects. Common household products have a point effect and do not have long-term effects. So for one hundred percent guarantee of the withdrawal of cockroaches, it would be better to use the help of professionals.

Cockroaches can be destroyed forever. Some businesses believe that once the area is cultivated, cockroaches will disappear once and for all. In fact, this is almost impossible to achieve. Indeed, after getting rid of "their" insects, the empty square will immediately become the object of close attention of other creatures. Over time, they will want to move into free territory and will make every effort to do so. It should be understood that many fly-by-night firms take advantage of this myth and deceive their customers by promising cheap processing with a multi-year warranty. If a new generation of cockroaches of several dozen individuals gets into the warm generation, then the next generation will increase the population thousands of times. That is why the best effect is achieved only by quarterly and regular treatment. This is the only way to prevent cockroaches from breeding.

Cockroaches live only in dirty houses. In fact, even in clean dwellings these insects can be found. It's just that their colonies are larger in dirty dwellings, because access to food is easier. Therefore, it is easier to meet cockroaches here.

Cockroaches do not hibernate. This is not true, in America, for example, in the northern territories, there are wild species that hibernate.

Cockroaches are afraid of light. Most species prefer darkness, but some cockroaches, on the contrary, are drawn to light. You can see them at the window or near the TV screens at night. Most cockroaches will scatter if a light flashes above them. However, such a reaction is more indicative of a fear of a person, and not of a fear of light.

Human hair and nails are the favorite food of cockroaches. This myth appeared a long time ago. Sailors of ancient sailing ships told how cockroaches gnawed their nails at night. However, today this is impossible, unless the insects are very hungry. Hair and nails may have limited nutritional value for the cockroach. After all, hair can be greasy and nails dirty. But such food is very difficult to compete with the variety of food found in the house. So you can sleep well, just watch your ears. After all, cockroaches can try to look for food in the ear canals.

Immature cockroaches can develop in human wounds or fast foods. This myth is connected with the previous one, which asserts the love of these insects for human flesh. In fact, cockroaches thrive in humid and warm areas, but they don't use human flesh for that. Bites are possible, but even then, in rare cases.

Cockroaches need to eat constantly. It seems so, since cockroaches are constantly moving, as if in search of food. In fact, these insects can live without food for about a month. As for a person, the presence of moisture is much more important. For example, the Prussians can live without water for about a week. True, there are desert cockroaches in nature that can survive without moisture for a long time.

Despite their habits, cockroaches are pure creatures. As proof of this myth, it is said that cockroaches are able to cleanse themselves. In fact, the reality is that these insects are very dirty. They live and eat in garbage, sewers, waste. There they pick up and carry bacteria on their antennae and legs, spreading them everywhere they go, including in our food. Cockroaches eat contaminated food, and diseases are transmitted through their own waste products. So these insects are dangerous, regardless of whether they can cleanse themselves.

If you step on a cockroach, then its eggs can get stuck in the shoes and then multiply in the house. This myth is most likely incorrect, although it has been heavily discussed. If the cockroach is really crushed, then it is better to clean the shoes anyway. Better not to risk hundreds of insect eggs in your home. It is better to protect yourself in advance than to begin to deal with the problems that have arisen later.

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